hi im flora or natalia or fae 20 any prns black latina enby bigender queer

carrd ib chiggiri
my twt miyounhive

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this is my carrd archive that i'll try to update it as much as i can. i have carrd pro standard.

whi crd1 crd2 youtube cc

⚙️hi! i'll try to update this frequently ૮₍ ˃̵ࡇ˂̵ ₎ა
💬only current carrd is updated
⚙️saved urls ‼️

i did not make all of these myself & some of them are templates not made by me. here's a thread by crditem of some of those templates!

leave any questions or tutorial requests for my youtube you have here!! PLEASE avoid spamming please that's really annoying 😄 ALSO please don't ask me to do a tutorial on a pro carrd that's just absolute positioning 🥸


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